Basement Defender System

How do you know your
SUMP PUMPS are working?

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The only way to ensure your pumps are properly working is to test them EVERY DAY.

Basement Defender™ is the only system that TESTS sump pumps every morning and ALERTS you to problems before an emergency situation arises.

It’s like having a service technician
watching your sump pit activity 24/7.

What Is Basement Defender

What is Basement Defender™?

What is the Basement Defender™ system and how does it help keep your home safe?

Basement Defender FAQ

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Commonly asked questions and answers about the Basement Defender™ system.

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How It Works

Every morning, Basement Defender™ activates primary and battery backup pumps to run for a few seconds. We like to think of it as exercising the pumps, so they’re in perfect shape to spring into action when you need them to do their job.

Basement Defender™ is constantly watching

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Pump Activity

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Even more, Basement Defender™ is constantly watching for changes in the sump system, like pump activity, battery strength, amperage/voltage and environmental factors like temperature and humidity. When a concern is detected, Basement Defender™ instantly sends an alert to you via text, app notification, or even email.

Basement Defender™ is a proactive approach that give ultimate peace of mind in your sump pump system.

What People are Saying

As a frequent traveler, Basement Defender gives me peace of mind to know things are a-okay in my basement when I'm away from home. From anywhere in the world, I can check on the temperature and humidity level in my basement by simply opening up the Basement Defender app.
Tom M - Hinsdale, IL 60521
Having gone through the trauma of a flooded basement, rainy forecasts used to give me anxiety. Basement Defender has changed my life! The peace of mind knowing my pumps are properly functioning and ready to spring into action when needed is priceless.
Karen F - Wheaton, IL 60189