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Protect your home with Basement Defender™ Smart Basement Technology.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind that comes with a dry basement or crawlspace? Basement Defender™ is the only system that monitors your sump pump and TESTS your sump pumps every morning and ALERTS you of problems before an emergency arises.

PLUS, Basement Defender™ Smart Technology will monitor humidity and temperature levels, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Everything You
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Basement Defender™ was created to give you peace of mind no matter what weather you face. Our Smart Basement Technology is designed to ensure you know that your home will be protected from water damage year round.

Basement Defender 2.0 Installed
The Basement Defender™ system is designed with you in mind. With qualified installation and an easy to use app, never worry about your sump pump while you are away from home.
Sump Pump Check

Sump Pump Check

Basement Defender™ fully exercises your sump pump system and will send an alert to you if a concern is detected. These alerts can be sent via text, email, or app notification.

Battery-Backup Check

Some sump pump systems utilize a battery backup system designed to keep your sump pump running even when the power goes out. Every morning Basement Defender™ checks the status of your backup battery system and will alert you should there be an issue.

Battery Voltage Check
Basement Defender™ can make sure your backup battery is always charged.
Environmental Check

Environmental Check

Basement Defender™ checks environmental factors such as humidity and temperature daily and will alert you to any issues.

Reliable Alerts

Basement Defender™ fully exercises your sump pump system and will send an alert to you if a concern is detected. These alerts can be sent via text, email, or app notification.

Reliable Alert System
No matter what device you use, you can get notifications to warn you if your sump pump stops working. Our app notifications, emails, and text messages are designed to give you peace of mind.
The Basement Defender 2.0 Sump Pump Monitor

A smart basement system designed to work with your existing sump pump. Basement Defender™ connects to your wifi to notify you of any issues.

Smart Basement Technology

Basement Defender™ is fully connected to the internet. This means you can get alerts about your sump pump, even when you away from home.

Qualified Installers

Basement Defender™ has a dealer network across the country to ensure no matter where you are you can get the Basement Defender™ for your home.

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Qualified Installer

All Basement Defender™ systems are installed by qualified technicians in your area, which guarantees your Basement Defender™ will seamlessly monitor your basement or crawl space for many years to come!

Qualified Installer

What People Are Saying

Thank you for going the extra mile for us. I really appreciate your help and the Basement Defender gives me a little peace of mind when I go away on business.
Gary K. - Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

My BDs worked continuously and flawlessly last week when we needed them most. I am sure you guys are busy.

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Carl Jacobson - Joliet, IL 60435
To Whom It May Concern: Just to let you know that my Defender kept up the tremendous amount of water that was filling up my pit,. The water filled the pit so fast the Defender was working like every ten seconds. If it were not for the defender, I would have had an awful mess. PLEASE keep everyone's ...
Mark Losey - Bolingbrook, IL 60440