What is the Basement Defender™ System?

Our Basement Defender System is a high-quality sump pump monitoring system with testing and alarm features to guarantee your home is protected. In case of a sump pump malfunction, Basement Defender will alert homeowners to prevent flooding and extensive damage.

How Does Basement Defender™ Keep Us Safe?

A homeowner cannot hire a personal sump pump technician to watch over their home daily and warn them of issues. Therefore, the Basement Defender™ sump pump monitor replaces this service and protects your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The system is Wi-Fi enabled and is a complete sump pump monitor and alarm system. Once a day, Basement Defender™ will run your primary and secondary sump pumps and battery backup system. Our monitoring system activates your home’s sump pump systems daily to ensure they are in proper working order.

During the test, Basement Defender™ evaluates the sump pump system, including the float switches, battery chargers, and environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. After completing the test, Basement Defender™ sends the testing information through our system to your phone or email and will alert you of any problems. The daily test run checks and guarantees no severe issues to protect your home from water damage or flooding. Our proactive testing system will provide homeowners peace of mind.

Basement Defender™ is Always Monitoring

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Pump Activity

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Battery Strength

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Basement Defender™ continuously monitors your sump pump system changes, including pump activity, battery strength, amperage/voltage, and environmental factors. If our system finds anomalies, homeowners will instantly receive an alert via text, app notification, or email.

Why Do I Need Sump Pump Monitoring?

A sump pump regulates water levels surrounding your home to prevent water damage. Therefore, if a sump pump stops working, your home is more prone to flooding. Homeowners often rely on insurance to cover the damage and repair costs, but most home insurance policies do not cover flood damage and leave homeowners spending thousands of dollars. Even with flood insurance, most plans do not cover the full repair expenses.

Basement Defender predicts and records battery and sump pump failure before issues arise. Purchasing the Basement Defender system will pay for itself as it monitors your sump pump, protects your home, and warns homeowners of potential sump pump emergencies.

Basement Defender™ Proactive Plans

What Basement Defender™ Does No Plan Basic Plan Premium Plan
primary and backup pump DAILY at 8AM CST
Manual Tests
by pushing test button on the device
Audible Alarm
for pump, batter failure, and battery backup runs
via text, email, and/or push notifications
and checks backup batteries
temperature and humidity
and stores data from your system
Free Inspection!
annual preventive maintenance inspection! EVERY YEAR!