What is the Basement Defender™ System?

Making sure you have a high quality sump pump monitoring system that also acts as a testing system and alarm can help guarantee your home is always protected from flooding due to a sump pump malfunction.

How Does Basement Defender™ Keep Us Safe?

The Basement Defender™ sump pump monitor is like having a personal sump pump technician who is spying on your pump all day, every day. It is a WiFi enabled sump pump monitor and alarm system which acts as an outlet for your primary and secondary sump pumps as well as your battery backup system. Every morning, the system will run your primary sump pump and backup sump pump for just a few seconds to ensure they are in proper working order.

During this test a number of sump pump systems including the float switches and battery chargers are evaluated as well as environmental factors such as the temperature and humidity in the area.

The testing information is sent through our system to your phone or email and will alert you if any problems are found. This will help guarantee any problems can be investigated and repaired before the rain so your home is protected from flooding. Proactively testing regularly will provide the ultimate peace of mind.

Basement Defender™ is Always Monitoring

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Pump Activity

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Battery Strength

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Because the Basement Defender™ is always monitoring for changes in the sump system, including pump activity, strength of the battery, amperage/voltage, and environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. If any anomalies are found, Basement Defender™ will instantly send an alert to you via text, app notification, or even email.

Why Do I Need Sump Pump Monitoring?

If a sump pump stops working, there is a very good chance some type of flooding will happen in the basement. If this happens, most homeowners will be relying on insurance to cover the cleanup but most home insurance policies do not cover flood damage. This can result in the homeowner taking on the costs themselves which can be anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to twenty thousand or more! If the homeowner has flood insurance, most plans have an average deductible of $5,000. The cost of having a Basement Defender™ system will pay for itself year after year as it keeps your home safe while constantly monitoring your sump pump system.

Basement Defender™ Proactive Plans

What Basement Defender™ Does No Plan Basic Plan Premium Plan
primary and backup pump DAILY at 8AM CST
Manual Tests
by pushing test button on the device
Audible Alarm
for pump, batter failure, and battery backup runs
via text, email, and/or push notifications
and checks backup batteries
temperature and humidity
and stores data from your system
Free Inspection!
annual preventive maintenance inspection! EVERY YEAR!