You Can’t Trust Atoms - Because They Make Up Everything!

You may not be able to trust atoms, but you can trust Basement Defender.

Basement Defender is the same as a CPU in your car, or like your water meter- it just reads data, and when it hits set parameters, it will send you an alert.

Don't kill the messenger!
We get customers who are frustrated that they are getting all these alerts, even though their system appears to be working.
If your check engine light comes on in your car do you ignore it?
You can ignore it or even reset the alert, without fixing the problem. Your engine might die, but the alert was annoying!
Sometimes it is hard to locate the issue which can be frustrating. The issue is there and should be fixed.


These Alerts are important and if ignored, your system can fail. 

Low Current or Low Amperage Alert

If you get a low current or low amperage alert this means that your pump is not running full speed. When a pump runs slower than normal, it pulls lower amps or voltage- Amps and voltage is proportional to the flow rate. The Basement Defender reads this and sends an alert.

It might be running during the test but is being slowed due to something impeding its performance. This can be from a number of different reasons, but can only be determined by a pump inspection from a trained professional installer.

Possible reasons:

  1. AirLock- Airlock is when an air bubble is trapped in your discharge line and will not allow the pump to flow. It can even keep a check valve from opening. That is why your installer will drill tiny holes at certain points to allow air to escape. The hole could also be there but is clogged.
  2. Pump, discharge line, or impeller is clogged with mud, iron ochre, a rock, frozen line or something else blocking the flow.
  3. Check valve not functioning , sealed shut- sometimes check valves have been found to be glued or defective in some way.
  4. Mismatched pump for your system- too high a head (distance from the pump to the ceiling) or to long a line for the pump to push the water out.

For any of the above you need a trained professional to inspect your system and this alert should not be ignored.

Excessive Run Time Alert

This can mean several things and is an important alert to pay attention. It is triggered when your pump runs for 3 minutes straight, or running non stop. Be sure to check your sump pit that the water is going up and down in your pit. If it is raining heavily, it is doing its job dealing with the extra water- again depending on your home's water table. See video below:

If the water is not going down you could potentially flood.

What this can mean:

  • Clogged or frozen discharge line
  • Stuck or faulty pump switch
  • Mismatched pump for your system- too high a head (distance from the pump to the ceiling) or to long a line for the pump to push the water out.
  • Recirculating discharge water- If you have 2 separate discharge lines that merge intone, if not installed properly the water recycles between the 2 pumps below the check valve, causing a restricted flow.

What you can do:

  • Check the sump pit
  • Be sure the float switch is not stuck in the ON position- burning up your pump
  • Check your discharge line if water is coming out.
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