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Game Changer - Basement Defender

We had the heaviest rainfall EVER in Chicago precipitation to 8.3 inches according to the National Weather Service. That passes the previous May rainfall record of 8.25 inches, set in 2019, the weather service said. The month is not over with more rainfall expected!

Once again Basement DefenderTM is proving to be a valuable asset for both the homeowner and the dealer. It's saved countless basements by getting the homeowner the alerts they need to ensure a dry basement.

Last weekend, we had 3 ½ inches of rain within 24 hours. The sump pump ran continuously for many hours before catching up and even then it cycled for days every couple of minutes. Our sump pump is never idle even during very dry weather. Anyway, during heavy rain and continuous pump running, Basement Defender performed as pretty much as expected even though it was very scary. We got the expected alerts with onsite red lights and audible alerts, plus online texts. The backup pump even engaged when the main pump couldn't keep up. The system reset successfully when things settled down. It didn't think the reset would be automatic so I was glad to see that. The communication red light was very active going on and off active during most of the action described.

Jim M. - BD Customer

For the dealer you can see exactly what is happening with their systems remotely; everytime the pump runs the data is recorded. If the pump does not run, an alert is sent. The dealer can advise customers if they need service, or be able to reset their system remotely. Dealers can also evaluate who to service first in crisis situations.

I spoke with Laura Ann Spencer, Executive Vice President at Perma-Seal Basement Systems.

She said "This is a game changer for dealers, because not only can they get exactly what is happening, it also protects the customer, sending alerts to avoid a flooding situation."

Blog by John Fertig, Business Manager at Basement Defender, LLC 

Really, Really Smart Sump Pump Testing!

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